Sunday, February 13, 2011

mlaWat cdare at Ospital !!!!

td eyQa g Ospital,,,,

g vIsit cdare y bru mcOk mlm td,,,,
sian at dye cOz kner 'appendix',,,
rpenyew baru la eyQa tau,,,
APPENDIX ny bahaye gk erk,,,,,

eyQa ad bce satu artikel tntg pnyakit ny td,,,,
huhuhu seram lOrR,,,,,
x caye tgOk ny,,,,,,

Appendix Pain Causes
What causes appendicitis? The common answer to this query is obstruction of the appendiceal lumen or blockage of the cecum. This happens when the mucus or stool hardens and blocks the opening. Another reason may be infection inflicted gastrointestinal tract, that causes the lymph tissue to inflame and enlarge. Some specialist cite inflammatory bowel diseases, like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, or trauma to the abdomen, as a cause for appendix pain.

Symptoms of Appendix Pain
Appendix pain symptoms are classic in nature. Doctors find it easy to identify the problem and recommended tests to check for its gravity and severity. Pain in the abdomen is the most exhibited symptom. However, there are ways and particular locations that the pain might occur in different people. Pain can occur suddenly, starting usually from the center of the abdomen and traveling either to the left or the right side. For those who have experienced appendix pain on the left side or the right side say, its extremely painful and just seems to get worse every passing minute. Pain increases every time the person moves around, or even coughs or sneezes.

                                           e/x:thisz isz example ajew,,,wlaupun cm geli ckit,,it's ukey la,,nk amik ilmu pgetahuanla kte kn,,,,>sOwy ye xdew artikel dlm bm la,,,,,<

smbung blk cite td,,,,
tu la dye ny ske sgt mkn pedas,,,,,
kn da ssh diri sndiri,,,,
siaan sgt tgk dye td,,,,,,,,
dye ad ckp at eyQa td ,,,,
''kak yOng zati ckit cgt la,,,''''>kakyOng is my pgln in my big family<
cdih la eyQa dgr,,,,,
cite2 eyQa nk to be a doCtor,,,
but naSib x mnyeblahi eyQa la,,,,,
result PMR eyQa x bley lykkn eyQA amik klas sains,,,,
cdihh cgt,,,,,,,,,x bley nk jd Doktor

                                                       xoxo:example jew,,,dOktor ny cute unn,,!!!

tp xpewla,,,,
eyqa redha jew,,,mgkn rezeki eYqa bkn ke arah itu,,,,,
bebalik pd cite td,,,,
urm,,,,,sianla eYqa tgOk spew y kne appendix ny,,,,
klu time dyOrg ckit kn,,,
xtau la nk ckp cmner,,,,,,,
hnyew tuhan jewla y tau,,,,,,,urmm,,,
i2 je y eyQa nk stOry ,,,,,,
erm,,,thisz is my cdare pic at ospital
                                                    xoxo:opPss,,,pic spew pulak ny,,,hehehe,,,

                                                     xoxo:hikhikhik,,,malu la pulak,,,
                                                    xoxo:bersAbArjewla,,,,tgh sakit pun bley smile,,,

                                           xoxo:mk cdare n bpk cdare eyQa,,,,,,,
                                           xoxo:ibu,pak yg,mak yang eyqa,,,,,,

                                           xoxo:the same pic,,,,

smpai cny jew la stOry at my bLog,,,,
huhuhu,,,y baik tu jd an pgajaran,,
y mepek tu jdkn smpadan,,,,,

mOral of the stOry:::
jgn mkn pedas2......
>salam ukhuwah
miSsz eyQa,,,,,

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